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  • The Pony Who Wouldn’t Stop Getting Pregnant

    The Pony Who Wouldn’t Stop Getting Pregnant

    The story of a schooling pony who wished she was a full time mum. I hooked up the trailer and headed to the local horse trader to buy a new schooling pony, and I brought home the pretty black and white pinto one. Her eyes looked as though she could take some misdirection without causing… Read more

  • Second Chance Pony

    Second Chance Pony

    My Mom and I went to the spring mixed breed sale at the auction house. I promised myself I wouldn’t come home with anything, but I brought along my horse trailer. You know, because it’s easy to hook up the trailer and take it along through city streets and find parking when you absolutely won’t… Read more

  • A Blind Cat & a Goat

    A Blind Cat & a Goat

    I met Tinkerbell, the old pygmy goat, at a stable I boarded at in Guelph, Ontario. Tinkerbell was a friendly goat, always coming to the door to see who pulled in the driveway, greeting them with a quick turn of the neck and a good goat stare. At her side, an old blind cat named,… Read more